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Friday, 1 January 2010

How it all started: A curious boy grows up

The first view

I learned to read when I was 4 or 5 years old, from pure curiosity.  That means me parents, always trying to answer my questions the best they could and without impatience, could have some relief by putting informative books in my hands. 

It must have been extra relieving for them to be able to hand me a book about where babies come from! This was a very educational and serious book, with illustrations so realistic and graphic that you almost wanted to touch them. One thing I still remember very vividly from this book is the pictures of male genitalia. Today I realize this must have been a translated American book, because there was just one illustration showing an intact penis, and it was specially mentioned that "all other pictures shows the penis without a foreskin". The view of these circumcised penises really fascinated me - I liked them far better than the uncircumcised one - and was the main reason to why this book got rather worn-out with many loose pages.

I will never forget this fascination, which I instinctively felt I should keep secret, and I often picked out the book to enjoy it when I was alone at home.

A tight foreskin 

As many other boys, I had foreskin that was to tight to retract. This was discovered at a regular examination by the school doctor when I was eight, an examination which I found deeply embarrassing and humiliating. It resulted in a phone call to my parents, and shortly after when I was having a bath my father showed me how I should do daily stretching exercises with my foreskin to have it loosened. Needless to say, this was very embarrassing too! 

But these exercises worked. After a couple of years I managed to retract my foreskin, which was the purpose. A quicker benefit, surely not intended, was that I very soon discovered how to masturbate. I would have learned this sooner or later anyway, but this way it happened sooner!

Learning to experience my glans

I remember very well the first time I managed to retract my foreskin. I was very glad that it finally worked, and amazed at the sight of my glans. I had never seen it before, and now it popped out, red and glossy. Most of all it was very sensitive, but nevertheless I enjoyed both the sight of it and the feeling of having it exposed. It was very exciting!

Through the years of puberty and adolescence, I kept on enjoying keeping my glans exposed and did so often. Since the foreskin at that time was quite tight, it was easy to keep it staying behind the flare of the glans, and the constant squeeze it caused just heightened the pleasure.


  1. The book you saw in childhood might have been
    "Show me! : a picture book of sex for children and parents", a translation of Zeig Mal! by Will McBride and Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt. I haven't seen the book,
    so don't know if it portrays mostly circumcised penises.
    The book is hard to find in the U.S. because prudish
    adults steal it from libraries and destroy it.

  2. I wish I knew the name of the book and could find it, just to be able to see if those pictures look like I remember them.
    It's not in my parent's library anymore, and I haven't asked them about it. Maybe it was thrown away because it was so worn-out, or maybe given away to someone else who wanted to educate their children?
    I think it was very wise of my them to hand me this book - they wanted to give me correct and unbiased information - but I'm sure those prudish Americans would think they were very sinful and bad parents... ;-)

  3. Like you my interest and journey towards circumcision started when I was about 3 or 4 years old and first saw another boys circumcised penis with his mother bathed both of us together. I instantly thought his penis looked so much better than mine but had no idea why but I was soon to find out.

    Over the years my interest in circumcision only increased and then in my early 20's I came to live in Sydney, Australia and soon realised that just about every Australian guy I saw on the beach or changing rooms was beautifully circumcised and that many Australian girls had never seen let alone touched a uncut penis.

    A couple of weeks before my 50th birthday I finally said goodbye to my foreskin in 2002 and honestly I have trouble even remembering it today, being circumcised seems so natural and nice I would never want my foreskin back every.

  4. Hello Circumcised Aussie!
    Thanks for your comment. It's always good to hear from other circumcised men, and it's encouraging for others to know that you took the step at 50. It's never too late, is it?
    I've been cut for 19 months now, and I must say I more or less forgot my foreskin rather quickly. It's as if it's never been there, and I haven't missed it for a second!

  5. The book would not have been Show Me! I've seen it, and it has german models, with the males uncircumcised. At least the US edition has a pair a circumcised boys to illustrate the difference. The language in the book is also far less clinical than what you describe.