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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Day 0: I am now circumcised!

The procedure is actually performed, everything went easily and smoothly, and I still can't fully grasp that it's now done.

The clock-radio rang a few hours before the agreed appointment with Dr N. I felt excited and expectant, but not really nervous. Most of all I thought time passed slowly, I wanted to get away and get it over and done with!

At noon I arrived to Dr N - punctually of course. We had a short chat about what circumcision means, he informed me about the small risks, and could establish that I was well prepared. Then it was just to rise and pull down pants and underwear! It felt a bit awkward, of course, but you just have to keep in mind that it's part of the procedure, and especially that the Dr has viewed lots and lots of penises during his long career. We seemed to agree on what kind of circumcision should be made, rather tight and with a bit of the inner foreskin left. Dr N recommended me to keep the frenulum, but promised to remove it later without extra cost if I thought it was troubling.

After that it was time to lay on the operation table. Dr N cleansed the penis and surrounding area with chlorhexidine, and made some injections of anaesthetics around the penis root. This hurt quite a bit, and I had to concentrate to lie still - the human reflex is to fight or flight when being attacked by something painful. But it wasn't worse than getting anaesthetics from the dentist, and the pain disappeared in the same moment as the needle was removed. Dr N chatted for a few minutes while the anaesthetics worked, then he tested if I was numb by pinching my foreskin, and since I could feel a slight pain he gave me another injection of anaesthetics.

Yet some minutes to wait, and meanwhile a nurse came in who was to assist during the operation. A bit more of disinfection and pain testing. After some minute I asked "Have you started yet?" but then the doctor and nurse were already at work! Sometimes I heard a beep, and that came from an electric device used for haemostasis by burning. I didn't sense any smell of burnt flesh though, which I've heard stories about!

The doctor and nurse small talked to each other and to me, and the whole thing felt quite pleasant. Dr N asked me again about whether or not to remove the frenulum, and I decided at last to keep it - it could be dropped later if I changed my mind. At once it was time to stitch the whole thing together, which more or less took as much time as to cut away the foreskin, as I perceived it.

My penis was wrapped up in a bandage  and Dr N loosely applied a compress drained in vaseline around my glans before the underpants were put on back. He explained that it was to not let the glans dry out too fast and get stuck in the pants, and that I should keep it like this for at least a week, and therefore get more compresses and vaseline at the pharmacy, so I could change it often. He recommended the bandage to be taken off two days later, and if couldn't manage that on my own I was welcome to come up to the clinic for help. Sex should be avoided for 3-6 weeks! I also got a prescription for painkillers, which I shouldn't hesitate to take if needed.

Dr N also gave me the number to his emergency phone, which I could call at any time in case of bleeding or anything else worrying. Furthermore I was recommended to stay home from work for up to a week since my job is somewhat physical. This was up to my own judgment though, with regard to possible pain or discomfort, and since I was anyway going to have three days off I could await this.

Finally there was nothing left but to shake hands and say thank you and goodbye!

I left the clinic, relieved and cheerful at mind. It was just a one minute subway trip from the clinic to my home. I went to the pharmacy and grocery shop when passing by, and all the time I felt a big smile on my face which I tried to suppress to not look like a fool. What was on my mind then? "I'm circumcised, YES!" That was more or less my thoughts, and the source of that big stupid smile!

After a few hours I  started to feel a very pale, stinging pain, comparable with having the foreskin pinched. If there had been a foreskin, that is! After a while I took a painkiller, mainly for preventive purpose, thinking of Dr N's recommendation to not hesitate using them even at mild pain. At the end of the evening I didn't feel any pain at all, just a minimal pricking now and then. On the other hand I could notice bruises beginning to be visible at the penis root.

How the main part of my penis, which is covered with bandage,  looks - that's something I shouldn't think about right now! 

Peeing is worth mentioning too! At the first occasion after surgery I was in fact a little scared that it would hurt, but it didn't at all. The stream came with no problems whatsoever, and that was a relief.


The front-side of my bandaged penis, one hour after circumcision is performed.


The backside of my bandaged penis, one hour after circumcision is performed.


  1. Congratulations, buddy! Welcome to the brotherhood of circumcised men! I'm very proud of you. I got myself circumcised when I was 21, and have never regretted it. I wish you a pleasant healing process. Take care.

  2. Looks very nice so far!!
    I was cut at the age of 44, that was 20 years ago now, no regrets at all.
    I too remember walking away from the Surgery, with exactly the same thoughts you did.

  3. Mark (from Holland)14 January 2010 14:46

    Hi KP,

    You exactly describe the same emotions etc. which I went through. I was cut very recently (October 2009) at age 45 (Dutch male), also after quite some time of deliberations. I'm a little bit ahead of you as far as the healing process is concerned, and I can assure you: it's getting better every day! After the "outside" healing which takes 6-8 weeks in our age, the inner healing goes on, as I can feel. In the beginning sex / masturbation gave a quite awkward stinging, prickling feeling, possibly because the whole inner nervous system was still in a state of redevelopment. This seems to ease down now and it feels more natural so to say. Oversensitive glans and so on I've never experienced, because I wore my foreskin retracted from age 13. So I was pretty well used to the feeling of a bare knob by the time I had the procedure actually done i.e. made my bare glans due to retraction permanent.
    Funny to read how you walked around with that smile on your face just after the op: I had exactly the same and felt liberated, relieved in a way. Nothing seemed to bother me any more. Stupid to say and probably not understandable for others, but I guess you know what I mean.
    I wish you a quick and profound healing and am very sure that you'll never regret you made this step! Stay well!

  4. Mark!
    Thanks for your kind comment and sharing your experience. I think a lot of other circumcised men know what you mean, not just me! :-)
    Take care!

  5. Congratulations. Those against circumcision are spreading false and misleading info to parents that the uncircumcized penis is "self-cleaning." That is bullshit! Before I was circumcized (at 21), even a couple of hours after a bath/shower, the head would create smegma; a smelly and cheesy looking substance that my girl friend would turn her head away from it. Now that I'm cut, she loves doing me orally, which I love much more than intercourse. Parents: If you care about your son enjoying great blow jobs, get him circumcized. Don't pay any attention to the bullshit the "No-Circ" people would like you to believe. Uncircumcized penises smell, even a short time after a bath.

  6. I think the the hygienic aspect differs a lot from person to person. I've never had any problems, since my foreskin was easy to retract, so this was no reason for me personally to have a circumcision, but not few men have problems keeping a penile hygiene, and they would benefit from an operation.
    But as I stated at the top of this blog, this is no forum for discussion of circumcision on children, so I don't comment on that!

  7. you have a very nice gland

  8. I really wish you hadn't gone through with getting circ'd, I was from birth and wish I hadn't been done, but I had no choice. Your penis looked great to me and wish I could have swapped. sorry I didn't read ur blog before u had the op