A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Day 5: Not a sexy sight

This night I had my first working shift since I was circumcised. I had to be a lot more careful about how I walked. My steps were quite gentle instead of quick as the usually are! I also wrapped my penis in gauze to reduce the rubbing.

The last days have mostly been spent in horizontal position, so a working shift with my body walking around a lot did have effects on the comfort of my penis, though I can't say it was big trouble.

When I came home and undressed, I could notice a big increase in swelling, but keep in mind that it's a sign that my body works and the healing process is going on.



  1. Ok, everything seems to go normal, give it time and I answered your question about the healing of the frenulum part. And above all: sexy things will come later when you're completely healed. And not only healed, but healed with a nice perfectly circumcised penis: nobody will ever ever take that away from you anymore!

  2. Hi, just a remark a little bit off-topic maybe re circumcision in Sweden: I just noted that you received zero comments on your blog in Swedish, while almost 10-20 comments on the English one. It might not say all, but quite something. I can imagine that you felt the odd one out there! But thanks to the fact that a lot of guys know English we can share our experiences and support each other!

  3. Thanks for new comments, Mark!
    You are right: Nobody can take the circumcision away from you, literally spoken!
    About my Swedish blog, there's so far 1 comment (from a Norwegian) but one should also keep in mind that there are 9 million Swedish speakers in the world, and in addition 10 million Danes and Norwegians who understand it, while there are billions of people who know English. I hope though that I can reach out to at least some Scandinavians!
    By the way, Mark, if you would like to get in personal touch, please send an e-mail.

  4. Well done. These pics bring back so many memories and feelings I experienced at 19 when I had my foreskin removed. I'm now 34 and very proud of my circumcised penis. It is not too common in England, with about one in 10 guys being bare-headed in a locker room on any given day. It looks so much better cut, and once you're fully healed, you'll have a smile on your face every morning when you wake up.

  5. Hello Anonymous!
    Most things are relative. 1 in 10 guys in a locker-room being bareheaded seems quite a lot from what I'm used to in my society, where it would rather be 1 in 50 or something like that. And one more thing: I won't have to wait until I'm fully healed to wake up with a smile, because I've done so from the day my circumcision occurred... and not only in the morning! :-)

  6. It doesn't seem as if you have anything to worry about as it all seems to be healing nicely. Your penis looks a lot better now despite the swelling than it did before the op, and Ibet ot feels better when you orgasm.

    Welcum to the club

  7. Here in my country, the Philippines, things would be the opposite. A boy/man would get ridiculed if he is uncircumcised. It's sort of part of our tradition. Not really relating to our religion just traditions for a boy to be called a man.

  8. Thanks for your interesting comment! It shows that the attitude towards circumcision mainly is a cultural issue.
    I've read a bit about circumcision habits in the Philippines. From what I know it's common to slit the foreskin open rather than removing it. Right?
    Feel free to tell more about your personal experience and thoughts, if you want, it's interesting for everyone to read.

  9. Must be nice, actually getting to choose whether or not you want to be circumcised. Additionally I think it doesn't interfere with baby's development, attachment, sense of trust towards the world. Doesn't scar the glans. I don't understand how you can desire to be circumcised or proud of your self-elected circumcised penis, but hey I defend your right to do it as much (well not as actively but as much) as I defend the rights of babies to be left intact. Please, do not be a voice for mandated circumcision or the cutting of babies. It's one thing to have it done yourself but please encourage parents to leave their sons intact, and free to make the choice that you yourself made. To me you are a strange case, almost surreal, a parody of reality, something I cannot understand, but hey, I don't have to. You are free to do with your body what you want. In that I envy you

    1. Gerald:
      As I clearly mention in the very start, this blog is about circumcision of adult men who make their own choice, and nothing else. I don't intend to debate - or give space for others to debate - whether or not to circumcise male infants, since that subject is not covered by my clear headline.
      I therefor ignore your opinion about that subject, and request other readers to do so too, but I publish your message anyway, since it contains "relevant" opinions too. Those other opinions - more or less you say you think I'm a freak because I wished to be circumcised and am proud to have achieved it - are a bit funny and rather insulting in my ears, but then you're free to have your thoughts, though you seem a bit narrow-minded.
      But I don't have to understand you, and you don't have to understand me, we can go on well each one with his life.
      I would like to ask you one thing though: How did you find this blog, and how come you read it?