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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 13: At ease again

It's been a quite calm day. The anxiety is definitely gone, and a lot of that is due to friends on the web, which I mentioned already yesterday, and who have continued to encourage me even today.

A sign of my well-being is that I really start to feel horny again! Though this time I've learned my lesson, and won't do anything about it... at least not for the next days. 

I got a very elaborate two-divided comment on yesterday's report. Read it!

Among other things it suggested an increased need for sleep after a circumcision, mainly for psychological reasons, and I've done some thinking about that. The first days I woke up a little earlier than expected, mainly because of uncomfortable erections, but I also felt I didn't really need more sleep, so I went out of bed. This is very much like when you've just fallen in love with somebody! The decreased need of sleep is typical at those occasions, I think everybody recognizes that. The first time after being circumcised in many ways felt like being in love, with all the elation and joy!

And as you know, in every love affair sooner or later comes a backlash, which needs to be worked through to provide the love to find a way further. I suppose that's what happened the last days to "me and my circumcision". Hence the need for sleep increased too, and in fact I've slept 10-12 hours the last days!


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