A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 2: Unveiling!

"Is that all there is to a cut?"

I was not really scared, but rather excited to get the bandage off the penis. I gently rolled off the gauze, layer by layer. I expected it all soaked with dried blood, but it wasn't, only the innermost gauze layer. I soaked that with water and pulled it off very gently, millimeter by millimeter, not to cause unnecessary bleeding in case it was stuck in scab. It went very smoothly, and the more gauze I got off, the more I wondered why it didn't look black and blue and swollen underneath!

So - the whole bandage is gone!

It doesn't look scary at all. Has the doctor really cut it?! Yes, obviously he has! The cut seems higher and looser than I expected, but all in all it looks really nice. Not much of bruising and not much of swelling either, at least in my eyes, and where is all the scab? I have seen pictures from other men's circumcision, and I was prepared for a much more terrifying sight. Be your own judge by looking at the photos!

By the way, did I tell you I'm happy to be circumcised?!?!


The front of my penis, two days after circumcision.
Higher and looser than expected, I'd say, though I don't think it looks very messy!


My penis seen in profile, two days after circumcision. 
It's an obvious swelling on the underside, but nothing that worries me at this stage.



    You have achieved your dream!! You're finally CIRCUMCISED and you will remain CIRCUMCISED FOREVER!

    It looks REALLY good for only 2 days after. Swelling is limited, but there is some swelling all the way up to the scrotum, making it push your shaft skin forward a bit. That's what makes the circ look kind of 'loose'. Once all the swelling goes away, I'm sure it will look might tigher. I can't wait to see the final outcome! Please, do keep us posted!


  2. Hi Krille, you're doing fine, as I may say from experience! Take your time to ensure a quick and comfortable healing. No sex (incl. masturbation!) for 4 weeks at least weeks. To heal the underside will be the real challenge, but eventually this will get OK as well.

  3. Thanks for kind and supporting comments.
    Please tell a little more about why the underside is more challenging to heal!

  4. Well, the underside (where the frenulum is/was) is more complex because the tissue there is very soft. Then, it is harder to apply any bandages or creams there in the usual way, because it is always touching something (scrotum, underwear...). At least in my case the wound there was not just a cut line but a real wound, deeper and broader and it seemed not to heal whatsoever, it just remained open! Finally, I managed to get this last part of the circ wound healed thanks to good advice of my GP who suggested a long and narrow bandage (10" length, 2-3" broad) around the penis and attached to the body on two sides with some cream (based on Calendula officinalis) where the wound touches the bandage. In less than a week the wound was almost closed, after 10 days the business was finished, much to my relief! Also, bear in mind that much of the healing comes from underneath, so, it is healing, but you don't see it from the surface. So maybe, if you start giving this part more specific attention from the onset, it will not spoil the healing process at the end as it did with me!