A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 3: Throbbing

I was awakened with an erection this morning too, though after seven hours of sleep, so there's nothing to complain about. 

The swelling has increased since I removed the bandage yesterday, as is visible below! There has been no pain to speak about until now, but today the penis has begun to throb, constantly but with low intensity. No other troubles, so far!



  1. Very well, man, keep us posted! Do other guys in yr environment know about you having had a circumcision?

  2. So far I haven't told anyone close to me, since this is still a bit "odd" around here. Though I may be prejudiced about others' reactions too! In time I will tell at least some local friends - it would be interesting to know their reaction!

  3. Wow - looks perfect - will be SO NICE when fully healed. PLease continue to post pics - later please even when hard....

    Cheers and congratulations from

    Ulrich in Denmark

  4. Hi Ulrich!

    Thanks for the kind comment! I will continue updating about the process, both in words and pictures. Right now my body seems to be set to "no erection mode", but in time there will certainly be a photo of that too!


  5. Great photo.Now , I know how I was circumicised too..... I also notice our circumised penis, look the same, even in erection mode too.... My biological parents put my up for adoption and that how I was cut.....

  6. I have just been circumcised 2 days ago and have had about 5 erections since awakening. It feels a bit uncomfortable, but I am finding these pictures and the blog really interesting and extra helpful. Thank you for posting =)

    Jon from the UK

  7. I'm now in day 3 and I am experiencing the same feelings as you did. It's very itchy around the stitches and very sore and a bit swollen. Luckily by your pictures mine looks very similar to yours. But there's a small lump at the top now which I was worried about, luckily it's not serious and will hopefully go down in a few days. Thanks for posting these, they are really helping me out.
    Jon from the UK