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Friday, 1 January 2010

Adult life: A growing desire

I kept on enjoying my bare glans in adulthood, and have done so until today. Though during my twenties the foreskin gradually slackened, it didn't stay in backwards position as easily as before, and that pleasurable squeeze behind the glans lost its grip. 

Some time in early thirties I learned more about circumcision. Of course I knew what it meant before, namely removing the foreskin, but that was something Jews, Muslims and Americans did and that was it. Now I happened to come into different websites discussing this matter in a lot of different respects, and it touched a hidden chord inside of me!

I was both fascinated and excited. I was given plenty of opportunities to see circumcised penises, read other men's experience of being circumcised and, not least, their own passion for all aspects of circumcision. It might be a cliché to say that a new world was opened to me, but that's the pure truth. 

I made a lot of research, and soon the idea of being circumcised myself occurred with growing intensity. It was a profound desire, but yet seemed so far away. Circumcision for "no valid reason" (i.e. religious or medical) is something you just don't do in Sweden! I had absolutely no-one to talk to about it, and to what clinic could I turn without fear for being misunderstood or rejected? 

Thanks to the discussion forums, educational sites, and personal contacts I found on the internet, my desire for circumcision was never extinct, though it went up and down in periods. I gradually found that I had soul-mates in my own country too, even though I found only very few of them, but nevertheless that was a valuable find. I also found that there were doctors nearby who made this kind of surgery, also if you wanted it for aesthetic reasons, so it wouldn't be necessary to go abroad for it.

Having a circumcision didn't have to remain a pleasant but unrealizable fantasy! The desire lived further, but so did the many doubts too.

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