A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 19-20

There's less and less to report. I'm now able to masturbate freely again, and have done so several times - needless to say it feels great! The swelling still comes and goes and increases a bit after having masturbated, but from what I know that will be normal for some months ahead. 

I've been worried about the scar on the front side since it stretches, and today I called the doctor to ask him about it. He advised me to wait for two more weeks and then get back if it still troubles me. It feels a lot better just to have made that phone call!



  1. Exactly, better one call for "nothing" than go on worrying. Now you know from an expert that everything is ok. That gives good comfort to the tormented soul!

  2. Think it would be better to get cut lower and tighter without frenum. This cut looks like a halfjob.

  3. Anonymous:
    That is a question about personal preferences, isn't it? I can only say that I had this circumcision to please myself, and nobody else.