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Sunday, 21 February 2010

5 ½ weeks

I called the doctor the other day, since I still have problems with the stiffness of the scar. I will go to see him in a week, and he advised me to try to massage the scar in the meantime. 

Measures to be taken will be some kind of medical ointment, or surgical correction. I don't mind either of them, as long as it helps! One could think that I would feel very troubled to let my penis be subject to the knife again, but it's rather the opposite: I know by now that foreskin surgery is a piece of cake, and is certainly easier than tooth repairment.

I haven't had sexual intercourse so far, and haven't shown myself naked in public yet, so I still have that to look forward to, but I'm now masturbating with the same frequency as before the circumcision. Both the orgasm and the way there still feels more intense than when I had a foreskin. There's still no need for lubrication: I've always been rich in pre-cum, and yet it oozes more than enough.

How does my penis feel in daily life then? The exposure of the glans is still very noticeable at all times if I don't wear tight underwear. As long as my clothes leave a little space for movement, I'm very aware of the rubbing of the glans and this is in all aspects very pleasurable for me. Wearing a loose robe gives a lot of joy, I guarantee! From the "clothes aspect" circumcision has certainly made my penis giving me a lot of more pleasure outside explicitly sexual activities.

So far I would like to conclude: I still have troubles of aesthetic nature, but in terms of function everything is just great. I'm still very glad that my foreskin after almost 43 years went to the bin!



  1. four months down the road -- update?

  2. It's now 9 years since my adult circumcision and I still enjoy the sensation of my exposed glans moving around and rubbing on my clothing as I walk, not only does it feel nice it serves to remind me I am now a circumcised man and that my glans will for ever be fully exposed for all who wish to see it.

    Of course, sometimes being reminded and thing about it makes my penis harden as well but that a minor price to pay :-)

  3. I know very well what you mean. The very first hypersensitivity has gone away (unfortunately maybe?) but if I go without underwear in for example jeans, it's still a very enjoyable feeling of rubbing, which I enjoy. I don't know what I like most, the sensation in itself, or the reminder that my glans is permanently exposed!
    And about "the price" of a sometimes hardening penis: Neither you nor I am young studs anymore, so I think every erection should be considered a valuable gift from nature! :-)