A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

4 ½ months

Nothing new has happened since last week, I just got the idea that it might be appropriate to also publish some pictures of my penis in relaxed state, to enable a fair comparison with previous images.

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Saturday, 22 May 2010

4 months 1 week

I've got some mails from guys wondering "what now then?", and realize it's a couple of months since I reported anything here. 

"Health remains silent" as we say in Sweden!

The last thing I wrote was about going to the doc to talk about my worries about the "rift" on the upside of my penis. I came to him and showed it (I became slightly aroused so it was easier for him to see what I  meant!) but he said the best thing would be to wait for at least half a year, since he thought it would even out by itself over time. He asked me if I had any problems with masturbation, so I had to tell him honestly I enjoyed it more than before, and that convinced him that it was nothing that needed correction at the time!

Only that visit to the doctor made me a lot easier at mind.

Yesterday I took some photos of my erect penis, and I realized that the scar has evened out more. You can see for yourself (I hope)! 


Yes, I ooze a lot sometimes...