A story about the background of my desire to be circumcised, the way to realize this desire and what will happen afterwards.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

4 ½ months

Nothing new has happened since last week, I just got the idea that it might be appropriate to also publish some pictures of my penis in relaxed state, to enable a fair comparison with previous images.

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  1. Pretty interesting experience... I've been thinking about it for a few years now, I just need to find some more strenght to do it (I"m a bit nervous about surgery and aftercare). Just hope I will be able to say real soon, "I did it !".
    Paul. France.

  2. Âllo Paul and thanks for the message!
    There's less to be nervous about than one could expect. Try to find as many facts as possible, that usually the best cure for nervosity and hesitation.
    Please contact me if you want support!

  3. Thanks for posting your experience in this blog. I, too, am 43 and was circumcised three years ago when I was 40. I wish I had done it earlier!

  4. Both of us prove that it's never too late then!

  5. just got circ'd today. they had to take the dressing off before i left hospital as it was far to tight. any help with after care would be much appreciated.

  6. I have so many questions about how masturbation felt after the circumcision. But most importantly was it better or worse?